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This is an oasis for information about the free FPS (first person shooter) Urban Terror, by Frozen Sands LLC.  You will find my configuration guide, weapons guide, gear guide, and a map download area.  Urban Terror is described by its developers as a Hollywood tactical shooter.  It has some real elements such as weapons and stats that follow pretty standard rules.  However there are things in the game that do not follow reality explicitly.  You can perform some pretty awesome jumps, power slides, and fancy wall jumps to name a few. 

This is a free (not open source) game that is a mod for the ioquake3 engine released by ID software (makers of such games as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, and more) under it's open source license.  Urban Terror can be downloaded free here.

It has a faithful following and seems to be gaining interest in the gaming community. 


Primary Content

On this site you will find information that can help you configure your Urban Terror experience to your liking as well as weapon information that can help you make your weapon choices.  I have put in place a map download area, but I do ask that you use my bandwidth responsibly. In the future I plan to add articles about game play, maps, and other interesting tidbits as I can post them.


30 May 2011:

  • Created the RCON Guide, for system admins.
  • Removed Map Links from Side menu (as maps has been removed.)
  • Corrections to Round 8 of the Configuration guide.
  • Removed Links from Home page to Maps, as maps were removed. (Maps were removed because no one ever downloaded and it was taking up a large amount of my storage space on my website.)
  • Corrected SR8 link to scope page, link was misspelled and resulted in a 404.
  • Updated FAQ to reflect questions from real players.

25 Jan 2011:

  • After a LONG break from the site.  Work has started agian on the project.  You will notice changes throught the site, and periodic updates.  I am hoping to add a section for server and B3 configuration, as well as a few other things I've learned on the way.   Welcome Back, and please contribute.

09 Nov 2009:

08 Nov 2009:

05 Nov 2009:

03 Nov 2009:

01 Nov 2009: Added Round 8 to the Configuration guide.  It is a simple guide on how to get screen shots, demos, and video recordings of your Urban Terror game play.

27 Oct 2009: Major site improvements.  Completed HUD portion of Config Guide, Added MANY screen shots and updated many pages with more pictures. 

30 Sept 2009: Added Gear Guide to the site.

23 Sept 2009: Added weapon images to individual pages and general information about the automatic weapons. Minor spelling corrections.

17 Sept 2009: I found a new more accurate way to calculate the rate of fire and reload times.  I have done the calculations, and adjusted my stats to reflect the more accurate numbers.  Sorry for any inconvenience with the previous numbers, I am always working to get better more accurate information.  Check for updates often. Thanks

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